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The 5 Components of COR.E Dynamics™

These 5 core components are critical in unlocking your true leadership potential. It truly doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a bit more satisfaction and enjoyment in your business, or if you’re a CEO looking to attain the level at which you know full well you are capable of performing. Whatever your position or profession, these components are the bedrock on which your performance is based.


COMPONENT 1 – Creating Your “Game Plan”

Most leaders are looking for something more out of their performance or their work life, but they either don’t know exactly what that “something” is or have only defined part of the goal and not the complete picture. Without this clarity and complete vision, you can struggle to reach the level of performance you’re looking for—and even when you reach a goal, you may still feel like something is missing. Any of this can lead to uncertainty, lack of confidence in decision-making, lack of fulfillment and enjoyment, or feeling constantly bored or consistently uneasy.

In this component of the program, you will:

  • Understand the basis and foundation of COR.E Leadership Dynamics
  • Create a vision with specific goals
  • Build out your approach and your program
  • Identify your baseline for performance potential using what will become one of your best assets, the SCOPE assessment
  • Optional: Experience the eye-opening Energy Leadership Index assessment and debrief


COMPONENT 2 – Establishing Your Energy & Performance Foundation

Understanding the nature of energy (in all its forms) will help leaders to develop more day-to-day consistency. One’s talent and level of competency do not change from day to day or even moment to moment; it’s the leader’s energy that is constantly changing.

By understanding the nature of the energy of performance, a leader can take steps to proactively create consistent experiences to lead to the probability of desired outcomes (we can’t guarantee the outcome itself—but we can set you up to be as well positioned as you can in order to achieve it).

In this component of the program, you will:

  • Explore mastery and what it means to be a master
  • Dive into understanding the energy of performance
  • Learn and begin to face what blocks energy (and thus significantly holds back your performance potential)
  • Become aware of how you think, feel, and act, so that you can break through any limiting thoughts and undesired reactions


COMPONENT 3 – Finding and Harnessing Your Performance Influencers

How do you make real, meaningful, and intentional changes in the moment in a manner that either redirects your momentum to get back on track or further enhances your energy when things are going well? This component helps you understand how to solve issues in real time.

You will understand how to solve issues in the moment. You’ll begin to develop a personal success formula that you can apply as needed to capitalize on your strengths, traits, preferences, and attitude. This dramatically improves the repeatability and consistency of your performance.

  • Discover the 6 energy influencers that most affect your performance
  • See, feel, and understand exactly how much these influencers detract from your ability to perform at your current capacity
  • Learn how to create shifts for yourself that produce high levels of energy in the moment
  • Create action plans and determine which intervention strategies work best for you to bring about your ideal performance state.


COMPONENT 4 – Mastering the 10 COR.E Disciplines

Where does resistance, lack of motivation or confidence, sabotaging self-talk, and other hexes that plague leaders come from?

The world’s greatest leaders get their calm, cool demeanor from a frame of mind, perspective, or attitude that unleashes their full potential. They have developed an approach that keeps their motivation high, their resiliency strong, and their ability to spot opportunities sharp.

This component reveals the 10 COR.E Disciplines that are instrumental to bringing out your ideal leadership performance state.

In this component of the program, you will:

  • Learn and practice the 10 COR.E Disciplines
  • Create a life and leadership philosophy, based on these disciplines, that unleashes
    your energy, potential, and performance
  • Discover a “way of being” that’ll be instrumental to bringing out your ideal performance
    state and your true potential


COMPONENT 5 – Optimizing Your Success Formula

One of the key elements to understand AND embrace: what worked yesterday may not work today, nor should it.  You need to know how to evolve your approach building upon what’s working, modifying as you go, and eliminating the elements that no longer serve you.

Understanding what is and is not working can be complex. What appears to work or not work may be obvious or it could be much deeper and systemic. This is where the real optimization comes from – by knowing what’s at the core of your performance, you can continually focus on cause instead of effect, and build your potential for the long-term.


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