A Partner on the Path to Personal Development

I have always felt a strong, organic impulse to help others realize their inner strengths and find their own path in life. It starts by working to identify what internal programming is holding them back from living a fulfilling, authentic life. Coaching is an effective tool that can bring awareness to these obstacles and liberate people from the invisible, yet powerful chains, that hold them back. It breaks the need to look for external validation and helps them realize they have what it takes within themselves to become who they want to be and live the life they want to live.

How you do anything is how you do everything."

– Martha Beck
The benefits of coaching can be significantly impactful both on an individual level and within a corporate setting as it builds confidence to empower individuals, helps improve their relationships and develop their talents, and creates a more authentic life. While working in Human Resources, I had the opportunity to coach CEOs, Directors, Managers/supervisors, and employees. Passionate about helping others on this journey, I embraced the necessary training and education to become a Certified Personal and Professional Development Coach. 
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From Employee to HR to Coaching

As an employee, I recognized the negative effects of a fear-inducing and stress-producing leadership style. There was often little to no attempt by those in leadership to lift employees up and develop their individual talents into valuable assets. With a desire to help teach managers and supervisors to lead by empowerment and choice instead of fear and control, my career path led me into HR.

Unfortunately, most HR departments are limited in what they can implement, working on general initiatives that only superficially try to fix the problem of overlooking employees as individuals. The ability to attain true change requires a shift in deep-rooted norms, attitudes, and behaviors. Intentional work needs to be done to instead create an environment that fosters a coaching culture focused on developing the skills and talents of each individual. Likewise, I needed to pivot my own focus and moved from Human Resources to Personal and Professional Development Coaching.


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Did You Know?

Developing leaders at all levels is important to 83% of organizations. (Go Remotely, 2021) 

86% of companies surveyed at the Institute of Coaching feel that they recouped the investment they made into coaching plus more on top. (Institute of Coaching

93% Companies report significantly less turnover when they offer coaching to employees. International Coaching Federation (ICF)