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Certified Professional Leadership Coaching focused on developing the individual skills and talents of your employees.

We believe that when the right talent meets the right opportunity in a company with the right philosophy, amazing transformation can happen."

– Reid Hoffman


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Move Your Company Culture Forward

Culture is one of the greatest determinants of your organization’s success. The single-most beneficial strategy you can take to maximize the potential of your workforce is to invest in your employees. Bolster their skills and talents by offering professional development coaching as an employee benefit. Access to coaching has also been shown to increase job satisfaction, productivity levels, and talent retention. It will also allow you to create a culture of improvement and adaptability to better meet your company’s needs.

Employee Wellness Matters

Create a Culture of Transformative Impact that will Ultimately Increase Your Bottom Line

Enhance Your Employee Wellness Benefit Programs

Learning and development opportunities are becoming increasingly important in attracting and retaining talent at all levels of employment. At Peak Empowerment we have developed a series of Leadership Coaching services that you can offer as an employee benefit. Providing access to one-on-one coaching will demonstrate that you are invested in your employees, while also providing a strategic path to their accelerated growth.

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Focused on empowering employees that want to Identify, Overcome, and Evolve!

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From Human Resources to Certified Professional Coaching

Studies have shown that a person’s values, strengths, and personal goals are the same in both personal and professional settings. Helping them align those goals to their authentic self leads to happier employees that are not only able to take on new challenges and excel, but are also more engaged, satisfied with their jobs, and less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

As a seasoned Human Resources professional, I was able to see firsthand the impact of a coaching mindset. Employees who enjoy their jobs are more productive, have better relationships with coworkers, and are more likely to take initiative on new projects. These experiences captured my passion for helping employees achieve the best version of themselves and served as a catalyst to transition my career into coaching. Learn more ABOUT ME.


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Did You Know?

92% of small business owners agree mentors have a direct impact on their growth and the chances for their businesses to survive. (Kabbage)

86% of organizations saw an ROI on their Coaching engagements International Coaching Federation (ICF)

94% of employees would stay with a firm for longer if it invested in their learning and development. (Rallyware, 2021)