Empowering Employees

You have a vision for your company to excel in its field, be innovative, and provide excellent customer service. Your ability to achieve success is impacted by your greatest assets – your employees. To move your company forward, start with an honest evaluation of how you manage your employees and the intentional steps you take to develop their skills and talents.

It’s clear that the old, hierarchical command-and-control management style is becoming less effective. It insufficiently fosters the strength of each individual. And it fails to address the fact that access to personal development opportunities at work is becoming increasingly important. People today are striving to find more work/life balance and a sense of fulfillment, both in and out of work.

Employees want to know that you are invested in them – not just their career, but also their ability to grow and develop. It takes building a coaching culture within your organization and in some cases, overcoming deep-rooted norms, behaviors, and practices. Take intentional steps instead to create a work environment that fosters growth and empowers your employees.

Consider offering certified personal and professional development coaching as an employee benefit to accelerate their growth and complement your organization’s efforts. Coaching helps bring out the best in your employees, encourages them to take initiative, and increases job satisfaction. In turn, productivity escalates, company morale improves, and talent retention increases.

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Impact Coaching

Confidential, one-on-one impact guidance is at the heart of our program. Each employee that takes advantage of the coaching benefit will have access to nine private sessions per calendar year. The focus is on developing their innate leadership skills to maximize their potential as an employee. 

I will work with you at the start of the program to define the parameters and discuss your goals for the program. We will also determine any work-specific issues that need to be addressed. As a Certified Personal Development Coach, my objective will be to identify an employee’s strengths, uncover performance gaps or blocks, and create a strategic plan of action that will build confidence and elevate performance.

Transformational Coaching

We offer a more in-depth program, consisting of 12 private one-on-one sessions instead of nine per calendar year, that uses The Energy Leadership™ Index (ELI) assessment. This is a proprietary, research-backed assessment tool available only through an iPEC Certified Coach. It converts abstract concepts, like one’s perception and approach to life, into metrics that can be evaluated during the coaching process. The ELI assessment is conducted first at the start and then further into the program. The metrics allow us to determine what progress has been made during the initial phase of the coaching program and identify any gaps that need to be addressed going forward.

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Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops use a combination of powerful coaching techniques and assessments aimed at diving deeper into each individual and exploring how they personally affect the group’s dynamics. The workshops also include beginner-level Kundalini meditations, breathwork, and movement to release trapped energy and create better concentration.

Workshops are best used as a team-building experience and can be tailored to meet your needs for a specific, intended goal. Each participant is also provided with an additional private 1:1 session for a later date. 

Transformative Retreats

We offer Transformational Retreats for leadership development, commonly set up for C-suite employees, executives, managers, directors, or a specific department or group within your organization. The retreats are tailored to the needs of each group to help develop individual capabilities, increase productivity, and foster colleague relationships.

These retreats are best used as a leadership-building experience. They incorporate a variety of powerful coaching techniques, including beginner-level Kundalini meditation and breathwork. Each participant is also awarded an additional private 1:1 session to be used at a later date. 

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Did You Know?

99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process. (ICF Global Coaching Client Study)

62% of employees in organizations with strong coaching cultures rate themselves as highly engaged. (Human Capital Institute)

70% of coachees improve work performance, relationships, and communication. (Institute of Coaching)