Leading the Path to Satisfaction

Based on scientific evidence, iPEC developed their proprietary Core Energy Coachingmodel proven to improve life satisfaction by enabling people to make measurable changes that lead to tangible outcomes and transformational results. This methodology is based on the concept that we continually experience energy in life two ways: as anabolic or catabolic energy. Anabolic energy is constructive, fueling, and creative. Conversely, catabolic energy is destructive and draining.

The type of energy we experience fluctuates throughout the day and within specific situations. It is also heavily influenced by our attitudes, beliefs, and interpretations of life’s experiences. Core Energy Coachingbrings light to the negative impact of stress-inducing catabolic energy and helps individuals become more aware of their actions, choices, and external blockers in order to convert catabolic energy into anabolic energy.

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A Shift to Positive Energy

Catabolic energy encompasses the attitudes, perceptions, and outside influences that work against us serving as blockers instead of catalysts. It adds to stress levels and leads to behaviors of blame, anger, and worry further impacting our ability to enjoy life and find satisfaction in what we are doing, in both the workplace and personal settings. It can also hinder us from being able to connect with others and build meaningful relationships.

The Core Energy Coachingmodel by iPEC has developed proven techniques to shift a person’s perspective and convert negative catabolic energy into anabolic energy. It allows one to access their creativity and intuition more quickly, rather than resorting to anger, resentment, and other low-level responses that can hinder productivity and create division in relationships. Through the process, leaders develop the ability to cultivate that shift in others as well as themselves.

Developing Innovative Leaders

Energy Leadership training incorporates the benefits of Core Energy Coachingmethodology with one-on-one coaching focused specifically on leadership development at all levels within an organization. The coaching journey begins with exploring an individual’s ability to lead themselves, both positively and negatively, before working to convert existing catabolic energy into anabolic energy. The focus then pivots to applying the positive attitudes and behaviors of anabolic energy in leadership settings. Leadership coaching embodies the understanding that good leaders improve employee engagement, create positive work environments, and enable employees and co-workers to thrive.

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Additional Impact of ELI Assessment

As an employee, I recognized the negative effects of a fear-inducing, tear-producing leadership style. There was often little to no attempt by those in leadership to lift employees up and develop their individual talents into valuable assets for the company. With a desire to help teach managers and supervisors to lead by choice and empowerment instead of fear and control, my career path led me into Human Resources

Unfortunately, most HR departments are limited in what they can implement, working on general initiatives that only superficially try to fix the problem of overlooking employees as individuals. The ability to attain true change requires a shift in deep-rooted norms, attitudes, and behaviors. Intentional work needs to be done to instead create an environment that fosters a coaching culture focused on developing the skills and talents of each individual. Likewise, I need to pivot my own focus and moved from Human Resources to Personal and Professional Development Coaching.